Are Antivirus Software compulsory for Windows 7, 8 and 10 OS?

Are Antivirus Software’s compulsory for Windows?

Do you really need an antivirus program for windows? Which is the best antivirus software for windows these are few legitimate questions which cannot be answered in a simple “yes” or “no”? But in recent years the need and importance of Antivirus programs have increased tremendously.

Is Antivirus necessary for windows? Yes, of course, it is mandatory by all means. Windows are highly prone to malware and have witnessed numerous incidents of security breaches and cybercrimes in the recent times. No matter how cautious and careful you are while using your PC and internet facilities, you will always need an efficient and proactive software to protect your computer system form nasty virus and malware.

A security module is indeed necessary to protect your computer on daily basis. The virus does infiltrate your computer, malware does exist and there is no denial of this fact. Having a protecting module will help you protect your personal and confidential data.

Any good antivirus software will prevent, detect and remove harmful virus along with malicious malware like worms, backdoor Trojans, adware etc. Do not just chose any antivirus program, download the best antivirus for windows 8, ITL antivirus to enjoy complete system security and safety.

Why is Antivirus important? Need for Antivirus software for Windows

Unless you unplug your computer and detach yourself from the outside world, system protection is important even for the most casual user. Cybercrooks are using all kind of deceptive techniques and developing a new virus that can affect your computer in below ways:

  1. Access your personal and confidential data.
  2. Corrupt and encrypt your data and ask for ransom.
  3. Make system slow.
  4. Damage your files.

You must download a reliable and robust antivirus program to save your windows from all such losses caused by a virus.

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How do Antivirus programs protect your PC?

With each passing day, cyber crimes are increasing. Your system security may be compromised by just clicking on an inappropriate site or email attachment. Antivirus is the best system doctor and is developed to scan, detect and remove system worms, virus, rootkits, Ransomware and all other malware.

Useful advantages of Antivirus software.

  1. Fast scanning- Core protection with deep scanning for virus detection. Antivirus programs scan all files before they are downloaded and block all contaminated web links to check for threats.
  2. Real-time protection- Antivirus programs provide ongoing 24/7 protection for your system and laptops. It quietly sits in your system and runs to scan, detect and remove infected files. It efficiently removes nasty codes detected to ensure complete security.
  3. Live update- Regular and automatic software update to check system vulnerabilities, detection, and protection from the virus.
  4. Online security- Antivirus software’s are designed to provide complete online security. Protection of your online financial transactions along with confidential data and login credentials.
  5. Scan Portable Devices- Sharing data through portable device exposes your windows to virus. A good antivirus software scans all flash drives and USBs to verify if it is virus free.
  6. Firewall protection, parental control, and protection from phishing assaults are few of the other added features.

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Final Advice

All skepticism aside- even the most cautious user is not immune to virus completely. Install a good antivirus program to safeguard your PC.

The market is full of numerous antivirus programs, however, we have taken the advantage to choose the best amongst the list.  ITL Antivirus is the most reliable and up-to-date security program that offers 360-degree protection from all system threats to ensure that your hardware and internet network runs clean.

ITL Antivirus, download today for free and enjoy the complete protection of your computer system.


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