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An antivirus program is a fundamental need for computers, workstations, and laptops. Without the total security of your devices, it is nearly impossible to safeguard your device from the dangers of cyber threats that always lurk in the cyber world.

There are thousands of antiviruses available in the market, but only a few succeed and wins the race to provide 24X7 real-time system protection. Eventually, ITL Antivirus has been the best free antivirus of 2018 which still keeps your computer secure meanwhile maintaining the performance whether it is Windows or Mac.

Since the launch, ITL Total Security Antivirus is consistently found in blocking malware, infected files, viruses, spyware, adware, ransomware and other extensive, persistent threat that always hunts for less secured internet-connected devices.

This consistency in fighting against the threats, protecting the system and improvising the system performance became the main reason for the West Coast Labs for rewarding Checkmark Certification to  ITL Total Security Antivirus.

Getting a West Coast Labs certification is the result of 100% effectiveness in counteracting malicious programs. Also, it confirms that the antivirus has successfully completed all different levels of testing, achieved 100% results in securing computers from all varieties of threats.

Why ITL Antivirus Got Checkmark Certification?

No computer is free from the attacks of threats. Once the threat attacks, your computer undergoes several infections that seem to be common and universal. But, they aren’t!

Sometimes due to viruses, malware, adware, and trojan computer work slowly, operating system crashes, the webpage opens lately, unknow ads pop-up on your screen, applications don’t launch on time, executable files won’t work in addition to which registry files also modifies.

Even more, threats like spyware, keylogger software, and ransomware try to extort money and the users fall down to the trap of such malicious programs.

Users generally see these as common things but to make a good antivirus, it is first important to identify all possible infections.

Firstly, ITL antivirus successfully researched and developed a long list of infection and threats on the top of which the best virus protection of 2019, a free antivirus – total security is developed.

Secondly, after the successful completion of the antivirus program and in-home testing, it was run against almost all the worst malicious codes at West Coast Labs to check the hardware and software security of the system.

Thankfully, to the robust and vibrant technology of the antivirus, it achieved all the qualitative standards after clearing all the required tests. West Coast didn’t stop here, performed more independent tests regularly to check the reliability and durability as an antivirus for Windows.

Kudos! To the engineers who have made it after all the researchers and the hard work.

The testing though was difficult, but at the end, checkmark certification attested the products quality standard. It also confirmed the product is capable of giving 100% solution, i.e. a threat-free system whenever a cyber threat breaks out in the open on the internet.

Meeting quality standards, giving 100% detection rate, 100% counteracting rate, online threat removal, making system 24X7 threat free with real-time system protection, web security and continuously increasing system performance today are the top reasons why ITL Antivirus got checkmark certification from British scientific research center, West Coast Labs.

The free-antivirus, ITL Total Security intelligently scans your whole computer from the core operating system files to the lastly created files. Filters out each unwanted program linked to the threat while comparing to the one present in its database.

Considering the threat, the antivirus removes and block those files and programs whose signature are classified malicious in nature. On the other hand, unknown files and programs irrespective of their harmful properties are only allowed to run in the system under a restricted environment.

With its customization features, the user can also use this best antivirus for Windows smartly. Keep your Windows PC safe with ITL Antivirus that also keeps your system performance stable and adequate while degrading the threat attacks.

Features of ITL Total Security Listed By West Coast

ITL antivirus is a master cleaner app to clean your system from all the viruses, malware and ransomware simultaneously enhancing system’s overall performance. The experience will be helpful for any Windows users. It is a must try for one and all!

It is a perfect one-time solution for all your PC problems. With the wide-ranging features like fast scanning, real-time protection, web protection, giving you live updates or the latest upgrades, you can benefit exceedingly from a single utility.

It has a low size and you can successfully download it from the ITL total security Antivirus webpage. Checkmark certified features of ITL antivirus:

  • Real-Time Protection: Get continuous protection from active infections in real-time to keep system safe 24X7.
  • Web Protection: Make your web surfing safer by installing the safety add-on on all your web browsers subsequently blocking all incoming infections while internet surfing.
  • Live Updates: Get regular and automatic database updates on your system to ensure the best protection. Also, keep your threats definition up-to-date.
  • Effective Scanning in a User-Friendly Manner: Scan and protect your system against all infections regularly, automatically with less manual use.
  • Improve System Performance: Best Antivirus for Windows 7,8 and 10 while improving and boosting system performance for easy to use.
  • Device control: Examine, scan and detect any threat from every detachable device connected to your PC.
  • Identity Protection: Squares keyloggers and malignant codes which could make your PC free from viruses and malware. Thus, the attackers attempting to steal your data will always fail.
  • Data Privacy and Fast working: A substantial part of antivirus that proficiently secures your data of the PC from unauthorized people.
  • Safe Banking: Stops the attackers plan when they try to steal your banking details. Additionally, keeps on checking wrong web areas where you unknowingly enter banking details and protect you by giving alerts and notifications.
  • Anti-Ransomware: ITL anti-virus can stop a ransomware strike even before it happens by heuristic advancement and saves you from paying a huge amount of money.

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Picking up a right anti-virus security tool is very important. Above mentioned features are important to save your PC from a variety of cyber-attacks with a 100% adequacy. All these make ITL Antivirus the best virus protection in 2019.

The tool is valuable in identifying, preventing and killing the harmful dangers of threats that could harm your system. Once installed, you will have the capacity to fight with every malware, viruses or ransomware whichever comes your way anytime.

When you have the best antivirus of 2018 in India, don’t spare any of the threat!

By achieving this West Coasts Certification, ITL Total Security confirms the effectiveness of its intelligent and vibrant Antivirus protection while providing a level of assurance that it performs as per industry accepted standards.

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