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Simple Ways To Improve Your Security

The internet since 1983 has evolved and changed our lives with its countless positive ways. In 2014 researchers published a journal estimating that the internet has 1 million exabyte storage capacity.

Today, networks of the network – the internet is a very busy place. For example, every second 6000 tweets are tweeted, 40,000 google queries are searched and approximately 2 million emails are sent.

However, these stats hints only at the size of the web. In 2018 January, according to research, it was found that there exist 1.8 billion websites and the internet is continuously modifying itself for the excellent use of it.

Though the technology is a boon for mankind, it has some dark side too. We all know that today it is important to keep your website safe from the bad guys called as cyber attackers/hackers.

We all are familiar to the term Deep Web and Dark Web. The google is way beyond the internet we see daily. Constant cyberwar is going on that beats down the Google and enters into the secured network and vulnerabilities of the network disturb the protection and security.

The internet technology is a boon for entrepreneurs and businesses, but the growing security concerns are inviting the threats. These threats like viruses, malware, etc. that can be avoided by ITL Total Security Antivirus in your computer as its virus protection is strong.

Modern innovations like Smartphones, Tablets, Cloud computing machines, etc. are also presenting security concerns. Neglecting this fundamental security vulnerability could become a great concern.

Therefore, we had prepared a stepwise approach to improve your internet security. Following are the basic ways to counter the internet security vulnerabilities probably taking less time and effort for optimizing security. Let’s get a brief of it!

A Strong Password Encrypts Your Log-in Pages

Passwords are extremely sensitive as they unlock access to your sensitive data when guarded with a strong and unique password and username. Most of the times, hackers utilize sophisticated software to breach and crack passwords.

Once a single employee’s password gets hacked, the entire network might be at risk. Hence, it is important to use a unique password to give total security to your accounts and log-in IDs.

Strong passwords contain letters, numbers, and symbols and shouldn’t be based on commonplace, words, dictionary terms, birthdays, etc. For different log-in pages, you must not use the same password.

We suggest you create a master document containing all user passcodes, username, and passwords. Forget not to encrypt that document. Also, avoid using easy-to-guess combinations.

And if you are a business person or an entrepreneur than you must follow a password policy while maintaining it throughout your organization.

Prevent Your Network Defenses

There are many devices that access your network throughout the organization and home from smartphones to PCs. Since users at different levels access the network on various devices, the security always varies.

To mitigate the problem, one must put a strong network defense. To do so, follow some below important practices:

  • Set appropriate firewalls for virus protection
  • Implement intrusion detection software and prevention systems like Total security to monitor all kinds of threats
  • Secure your Wi-Fi network with robust login credentials and encryption algorithm
  • Arrange for daily frequent may be cloud
  • Conduct a periodic network assessment that identifies and addresses security weakness

Avoid Unknown Email Attachments

There are many phishing scams, dangerous links and unsecured sites lurking over the corners of the internet. You just need a few clicks to reach such attachments.

Over time hackers have always designed and found deceptive ways to trick users into clicking such links and sites via adware and browser hijacker. This is a very common way for them to steal passwords while installing viruses and malware without letting you know anything.

Sometimes they breach all system protocols, potentially blocking users to access their own files and data. Thus, any unsolicited email attachments may contain trojans and spyware in them.

Thus, we need strong anti-threat real-time protection that can identify such links before we open them. For this, we strongly recommend ITL Total Security Antivirus for ensuring your protection and security from unknown email attachments.

Use A Secure Host – Hire A Security Expert

Any IT development manager understand the need to safeguard the networks at businesses, organization, and home at LAN. Thus, extreme care is needed!

Unfortunately, the breach and breakdown of network security are often caused by the vulnerabilities of server and network.

Hence, always choose a reputable, secured web hosting company for your website security. Additionally, make sure the host is aware of all the threats and keeps your website secure. Choose a host that offers ongoing technical support 24X7 whenever necessary.

On the other hand, companies providing security services often scans the websites and conducts regular security audits in addition to virus protection. Then also, there are chances the bad guys might find a way to infiltrate your computer.

Thus, against such cybercriminal or the villain of the web, everyone should be in the contact of some security experts. Relying on companies offering total security to your computer is common. But, at businesses, you must have a knowledgeable security expert in your IT development panel.

Keep A Back Up Of Your Data

Always scan your computer and its applications with virus protection software along with web components like BHO (Browser Helper Object). There are some free anti-virus tools to measure the security of your computer.

Most of the web hosting providers give their own backup facilities on servers. Few of the CMS (Content Management System) has their own plugins and extensions that automatically backup your online data manually.

A continuous and regular back up is necessary to keep your file structure organized and to keep track of your changes. However, to secure your back up you must have user-friendly scanner against all threats, able to give you complete web protection, live updates, and device control.

ITL Total Security Antivirus is one of the best Mac and Windows virus protection tool that also supports safe banking, data privacy and increase system performance.

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Cloud Services

File storage and archiving is a good option. Thus, back up your sites and data regularly to cloud in case your file become inaccessible and your data is lost, with back up you can recreate your original files again.

However, a secured backup data is necessary that should be virus protected. To make your data virus free, always install a virus protection software – ITL Total Security Antivirus to fight an infection, malware and other malicious threats.

Lastly, a safe system design is necessary to reduce the exposure to hackers and thieves. Whenever possible, try to minimize the potential damage to networks, servers, and computers by providing necessary training on cybersecurity.

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