Can ITL Antivirus Protect Against Trojans?

can antivirus protect against trojans

A Trojan or a Trojan horse is a malicious computer program which can infect your computer system. It often misleads users of its true intent. Trojans are generally spread by social engineering or similar processes. Social engineering processes are the ones where a user is tricked into opening an e-mail attachment disguised to be legitimate.

How Trojans Affect a Computer System?

Trojans can affect a computer system in one or more of the following ways:

  •         System acting weird
  •         Pop-ups appearing on the screen even when you are not browsing the internet
  •         Browser working slow
  •         When Trojans are inserted into a system, it allows the attacker to access users’ sensitive personal information. This information could be your credit card information, banking information, passwords, etc.
  •         Once a hacker gains access to your system via Trojan, the hacker can install additional malware on the computer, record and log keystrokes, damage the hard drive and much more.
  •         Trojans can infect other devices also which are connected to the network.
  •         Ransomware attacks can also be carried out using a Trojan.

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To protect your system from the harmful effects of Trojans, you need an Antivirus program which can protect you not only from viruses but from Trojans also. ITL Antivirus is an all-in-one Antivirus program which gives overall protection from all types of malicious programs.

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Trojans can cause several other problems and issues as well. Hence, it becomes very crucial to have an Antivirus program running on your system. ITL Antivirus regularly protects your system against Trojans and other malicious software. It detects and removes all the viruses from your computer system to keep it safe and secure always.

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With ITL Total Security Antivirus installed on your system, you can be confident that your PC is always safe. It is an effective and easy-to-use tool to secure your system and keep yourself protected always.

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