Can ITL antivirus protect from malware

can itl antivirus protect against malware

ITL antivirus scans detect and eliminate all kinds of virus and malware.

can itl antivirus protect against malware

The term virus is extremely popular among the people and as a fact, people think that security programs like ITL are only capable of eliminating the virus.

Whereas in today’s time systems getting infected with a virus is very rare as a fact malware is a new danger.

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ITL is a complete security package is developed to handle all the latest infections no matter if it is a virus or a malware.

Let’s see what makes “viruses” and “malware” different. Viruses are nothing but a specific type of malware; they create duplicates and spread the infection all over the system, while malware is an umbrella term used to describe all sorts of malicious programs.

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Malware includes spyware, ransomware, virus, trojans, and many more. But, because virus made headlines a few years ago, most security companies focused their marketing on them, which is why they’re called “antivirus.”

The “virus” was the term used most commonly, and it made headlines in the early 90’s. Keeping virus as the base companies targeting security market called their program as antivirus.

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The reason why cyber-criminals have shifted from viruses to other malware:

  1.     They can get complete control over the user’s system.
  2.     A virus had limited capabilities. But, the latest malware allows the criminal to modify the infections according to requirements i.e., spy, gain control, destabilize, and etc.

Differing from the usual detection technology ITL Total Security leaves its competitors in the dust by using machine learning.

In other words, it is using artificial intelligence to prevent attacks on the system.

It has even demonstrated the ability to protect the system against zero-day exploits (loopholes the software vendor does not know about yet).

All we can say about ITL – innovana thinkslab antivirus is that it has got all that it takes to be the best in the class security solution.

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