How to Remove malware without formatting your Computer?

Do you know the importance of an Antivirus software

Nowadays malware is being designed with more complicated codes which allows them to hide in the boot sector,  ITL antivirus total security with a real-time fix.

Remove malware without formatting your Computer

So far, we are used to the old ways of deleting malware, and that is by formatting the system and reinstalling the windows.

Actually, this was the only option so far which could have eliminated the malware without leaving any traces. But, do you Really think these old methods can survive the new malware design?

Nowadays the malware is being designed with even more complicated codes which allows them to hide in the MBR records or the boot sector making the malware immune even after formatting the drive.

As you are here reading our article, we can probably assume that your computer is infected with malware or some virus. Read the complete article to know how to eliminate and prevent further attacks.

There are various ways a computer might get infected with, and the most common is through online activities.

Once infected, you might see some unknown application on your desktop or unknown extensions in your web browser, or in some cases, it might create replicas of your files and documents, and this happens when the system is infected with a malware. If you click on the wrong version of your file or the newly created copy of your file, then it will keep spreading the malware in your system. The more you click on the infected files, the more it spreads.

Separating the actual files and the malware copies of the actual files are nearly impossible because the look identical and if by any chance you miss a corrupted file it will start spreading again on your system.

After which your system will work slow as the infection is using your system resources.

It will also make the maximum use of your system resources like CPU and GPU; which will straight away reduce the life of your system.

What is Malware?

Malware is a broad term used to classify a variety of malicious programs. Moreover, spyware is also a type of malware. Before we study spyware deeply let us first get a basic overview of malware,

Malware is usually known to enter a system by bypassing the firewall without the user’s consent.

There are different kinds of malware including spyware, keyloggers, virus, worms, or any other sort of malicious code that evades a PC. However, a program is categorized as malware depending on its developers desires not based on its user interface or features.

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Malware creation is snowballing rapidly because of the sheer volume of new kinds made day by day and the type of money that can be generated through organized cybercrime.

The malware was initially built as trials and tricks, yet in the long run, prompted vandalism and destruction of targeted machines.

Today, a lot of malware is made for the benefit through constrained promoting (adware), taking delicate data (spyware), spreading email spam or children porn (zombie PCs), to steal money (ransomware).

Multiple factors can make computers vulnerable to malware attacks, including bugs in the operating system configuration, having all of the systems on a network run the same OS, giving permissions to many users or just using the Windows OS (windows is always the primary target due to its popularity). The best protection from malware continues to be the usual advice: The best assurance from malware keeps on being the typical guidance: a good quality antivirus program which provides live updates, web protection, and real-time protection.

So, is there a direct approach to eliminate this infection without formatting the system:

We would like to tell you that this problem can be resolved but not manually. Again, doing it manually might leave some traces of the infection behind, which might later act as a backdoor to other malware.

Well, an antivirus might clearly do the thing for you. But, you will have to look for an antivirus with a real-time fix. An antivirus with real-time protection might take a while to scan the complete system but let’s just stick to the process. Finally, we would be getting our system back, and that is all that matters.

Security that we recommend:

With time we adapt to the new technology, and similar is the case with antivirus. We believe that the antiviruses running on live updates are capable enough to get rid of such malware quickly in a snap.

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Alright, ITL Total Security would be our recommendation as it is equipped with all the advanced features like real-time protection, live update, and web protection. What else do we need?

All you need to do is install ITL antivirus and total security from its official website, once installed it would automatically run the scan and get rid of all the infection that’s on your system.

Not only that, from this point onwards you will have an active firewall. This firewall runs on live updates and will block every malicious activity.

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