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Can Itl antivirus remove viruses completely?

All computer systems are susceptible to viruses. Viruses can damage your system in several ways. With the entrance of viruses, your system could experience the following problems:

  •         System working too slow
  •         Windows crashing frequently
  •         Unknown pop-up ads on your screen
  •         Browser taking too long to respond
  •         Opening of unfamiliar URLs
  •         Launching of applications which you did not initiate
  •         PC restarting without your permission
  •         Taking time to load a URL
  •         System flooded with useless tasks
  •         Presence of unknown files or programs on your system

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Viruses can cause several other problems apart from the ones listed above. Therefore, it becomes super important to have an antivirus program installed on your system. ITL Antivirus intelligently scans and removes viruses from your system to keep it protected.

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How ITL Antivirus Works?

ITL Antivirus software scans your complete system for various files and programs.

While scanning, it compares the files or programs with the one in its database and if the file or program is considered a virus, it lets you delete or quarantine (removes from the system but stores in the database so that it can be restored if needed) that particular file or program.

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How The Antivirus Detects and Removes Viruses?

All files and program that enter the system go through the ITL Antivirus virus scan. The ones that match the signatures are classified as viruses and are blocked.

The other files and program then pass through the second stage. Here, only the known files would be allowed to enter and run in the system.

On the other hand, the unknown files are sent to the third stage irrespective of whether they are harmful or harmless. These files would be only be allowed to run in the restricted environment.

ITL Antivirus virus scans and removes all the viruses from your computer system to keep it secure and safe always. It is a must-have for your computer system.

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