Best Tips To Avoid Falling Victim To Ransomware Virus

Ransomware Protection

Don’t Fall Victim To The Ransomware, Follow These Tips

The internet today is a dangerous place because malicious software and viruses are one of the top threats to both businesses and individuals. IT threats have increased to a next level in their techniques of development, attacks, injections, and propagation.

As IT evolved, cybercrime also changed over time with hackers getting more technical and persistent with their attacking methods. They always come up with clever and intelligent ways of cutting people off from their online presence. The latest one and perhaps the most undesirable and deceptive threat is the ransomware.

Earlier forms of viruses after infiltrating computers use to damage system’s total security or steal valuable data. Nowadays, threats are trickier and hackers try to gain access over a user system, encrypt the files, data and demand payment to decrypt them.

In recent years, ransomware like WannaCry, CryptoLocker, Reveton, Petya, SamSam, etc. became a very serious problem. As a result, many security experts believe ransomware will be the biggest cyberwar threats in 2019.

Despite ransomware’s complex characteristics, one of the best tips to avoid falling victim to ransomware virus is using a ransomware protection software or any free antivirus which can act as a security shield and prevent any ransomware attacks on your system.

But, never pay anything to ransomware attackers because they would never give you decrypted data. For this reason, the best way is to increase your system protection by using the following tips before you fall victim to the devastating and notorious ransomware variants.

Filter Your Web Traffic and Email

Ransomware gets onto your computer from several ways out of which the majority of attacks begin with malicious URLs and email attachment. Criminals invent new ways to fool people and install ransomware in their computers and smartphones.

The cybercriminals mostly attack popular companies or banks for exposing credential information. They might claim that there is a problem with your account, by clicking this link you will get an immediate resolution.

However, if you click the link without thinking pros and cons, they get the full access to your operating system. Nowadays, they also use malicious adverts which on click download virus into your computer.

Of course, it is difficult to keep out all spams, but if employees are trained, risks will be reduced. The moral of the whole story is; never click malicious links, attachments, and adverts and use free antivirus like ITL Total Security to filter email and web traffic.

Keep Your Device Updated

Preventing infections by such an intrusive threat is essential. If you have a ransomware protection software, detecting and blocking it will become an automatic function.

If you don’t have such protection tool, then ransomware attacker will take advantage of the security flaw. But, if you regularly update your software and only downloads legitimate programs to use, it will be easy to protect injection of ransomware virus which come bundled with online software and tools.

Contrary to this, people have a general habit of downloading free software and tools from the internet. By default, they increase the chance to invite threats like malware, ransomware, and virus.

Thus, make sure to update your operating system, your all software, tools, games, preinstalled files, etc. with the latest versions respectively.

Always Be Ready With Data Recovery System

The worst case scenario by a ransomware attack is when ransomware blocks your access to the internal hard drive data. If such a thing happens, the first thing you must do is disconnect the computer from the internet.

Since ransomware can spread quickly to other workstations over local network and servers, we recommend you to take Cloud backup solutions but never pay the ransom. Another smartest move is to use Windows System Restore to get back the previous version of backed up data.

Once the data recovery problem is solved, download free antivirus or ransomware protection software to prevent the infiltration of ransomware in the future.

Encrypt Your Communication With VPN

Most of us when connecting the internet from a computer never think about the security level of the network. The ISP connection from home or office if use public wi-fi, it dramatically increases your risk.

Hackers have ways to manipulate a public wi-fi router for intercepting traffic in order to inject ransomware. In such cases, the best way of protection is a virtual private network (VPN) that creates a safe data tunnel between computers and the internet.

Use Software and Security Tools

We must emphasize security tools and should keep them in regular practice for protecting the entry of malicious software and files. Your best shot towards enhancing your system security can be ITL Total Security free antivirus that detects and blocks the entrance of malicious/suspicious links.

It is a ransomware protection software playing an essential role in fighting against the new upcoming and updated variants of ransomware. Such a tool will prevent your data from the encryption and its real-time, quarantine and web protection features will also create a strong firewall against other suspicious threats.

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Some Other Tips

  • Always keep a close eye on your network’s activity.
  • Educate users and others on attacks and their techniques.
  • Back up your data and make a habit of updating software regularly.
  • Keep a track on all the devices that are connected to your system.
  • Disable all those extensions on your browsers which are not in use.
  • Arm yourself with antivirus solutions.

The constant evolution of ransomware can put more dangerous strains of infections to the data in the near future. Unless you download and install a comprehensive cybersecurity tool like ITL Total Security, the data will always remain vulnerable.

If your data is protected, then you will never need to pay ransom eventually ending the story of ransomware and cyberthieves.

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