Can ITL antivirus remove adware?

can itl antivirus remove virus

Yes, with its intelligent adware blocking mechanism, ITL is thoroughly capable of analyzing infected third-party ads and will also block any redirect to infected websites.

Forced ads while browsing is very frustrating, and it really degrades the system performance and your browsing experience.

what is adware and should we be worried about it?

Adware is a program which is designed to push ads all over the user’s screen.

Seeing ads while browsing has become a normal thing to all of us but at times we might come across few ads that would cover the screen and would only disappear after we click on it.

Many of us think that these ads are useless, but that is not true.

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The developers of such adware program are associated with third-party sites and by displaying ads, they promote those sites to generate revenue through the pay-per-click method, whenever a user clicks on the ads they get paid.

However, adware is not a harmful program like trojans and other malware, but its presence can act as a backdoor to dangerous malware.

These ads might appear to be helpful, but that’s the whole point behind their design. These ads trick the users to click on them by attracting them with fake discounted coupon codes and many other similar things.

These ads not only hamper the browsing experience but also redirects you to an unknown website where chances of getting infected with dangerous threats are high.

Now, users like us would just install an ad blocker to eliminate the possibility of such advertisements.

But, the thing which we always miss is that these ads are not like the regular ads which we come across every day instead they were specially designed to generate revenue and at the same time if needed they can also turn into a backdoor to malware.

Seeing this the developers of ITL antivirus added a background process which will always pass the authentic pages and block all the pages that pose threat to your system.

And the other major reason to block this adware is that the developers of such adware can modify their program any time to act as a spyware or backdoor to other malware.

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And ITL being a major antivirus management system they had to work on all the loopholes that could make ways through our system. This ensures the best firewall and eliminates all the possibilities of getting attacked by any malicious program.


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